most amazing opportunity of the summer

Hello! Thanks for your interest in interning at The Cobra Snake
In order to consider you for an internship, we will need you to complete the questionnaire below and bring it to thecobrashop.
An internship at The Cobra Snake offers you the opportunity to learn about Vintage clothing, high-end fashion, photography, and business logistics in a fast paced work environment. Our interns do everything from administrative office work,art projects,graphic design,sewing,as well as helping our buyers find the best vintage clothing from around the world. If you are interested in contributing to The Cobra Snake and have the skills and dependability needed to function in this environment, please print out this questionnaire and fill it out with a RED pen.

bring your application in person to THECOBRASHOP located on the 4th floor of the hollywood and highland mall

Please limit your answers to one or two sentences, thank you.




1. Give an example of a stressful situation and how you dealt with it in a unique or creative way? Provide examples from previous occupations, sports, bands, travels or school.

2. Do you consider yourself more resourceful then most people you know? Why?

3. Working at The Cobra Shop requires the ability to multi-task under strict deadlines – Please list a least 3 examples where this is displayed?

4. Do you have a laptop that you’d be willing to use here? Is it PC or Mac?

5. How much of a web guru do you consider yourself – please let us know how much you can accomplish?

6. Do you have any experience in sales?

7. Are you knowledgeable in communicating with people from different cultures? Please give examples?

8. Can you work up to 2 days a week? How long do you desire your internship to be?

9. Do you have a dependable car or vespa that you will use to get to the office when scheduled?

9. Do you think being on time is important?

10. Are you currently enrolled in college?

11. What division of The Cobra Snake are you most interested in working for:
Modeling, Photography, The Cobra Shop, or Marketing & Events, Please explain.

An internship at The Cobra Snake is an unpaid position. When we hire interns we ask them to work for at least 3 months. The longer you stay here, the more responsibilities and duties we can bestow upon you, but if you can only stay the minimum amount of time, there will be a lot of assisting with sales, data entry, delivery’s & pickups, and office work. If still interested, please answer all the questions above and give us your contact information to call/email you.

Each Intern is assigned a long-term project for the duration of their internship. Projects are assigned in consultation with each intern but the final determination is made based on the needs of The Cobra Snake. Long-term assignments are meant to ensure that interns are developing vital professional skills. It will also give you a possibility of future employment. Interns are also expected to assist with short-term tasks and other daily needs of the company. Interns are encouraged to attend The Cobra Snake events, offering you important opportunities to network in the field.